Monday, February 18, 2008

Lady in the Black Mercedes SLK

Lady in the Black Mercedes SLK, driving south on highway 288 on sunday afternoon, you are a special traveler, a beacon of magnificence among us commoners.

not satisfied with the 80 mph pace set by myself and the rest of the highway occupants on the relatively uncluttered road, you weave in and out of traffic, tailgating and generally demonstrating the kind of driving maneuvers that would be inconsiderate at best, dangerous at worst, in a more 'pedestrian' automobile.

but you are the lady in the black Mercedes SLK, and as such in line with your high-performance luxury vehicle must necessarily possess steering, acceleration, and braking skills the likes of which i and the other drivers sharing the road with you that day dare only imagine.

it was rather insolent of those three cars to line up abreast at that one point across all lanes but your quick problem-solving skills easily circumvented that moving barrier. using the exit lane to go around the line of cars and cut back onto the highway at the last second was a masterful move and was surely recognized as such by the car in the right lane as he regained his composure from having almost merged into you, who at the time was passing him on the right at a high rate of speed, while he was trying to use the exit lane for its actual purpose of exiting the freeway.

speed on, lady in the black Mercedes SLK; i and my other moving obstacles cheer your journey and thrill at what feats of driving you may divine to exhibit to us in future days.

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