Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Doctor Trash-Picker-Upper, I presume

downtown Houston is not really a spectacular thing; it will never be mistaken for a Chicago or New York.

still, those entrusted with managing the city have seen to it that the downtown area, if nothing else, remains relatively clean and free of post-consumer debris. they have accomplished this by employing a work staff of foot-patrol street custodians who roam the downtown city blocks (well, i think maybe there are a few cavalry who get to ride around in a golf cart for bigger clean-ups) picking up Things That Should Not Have Been Left Where They Are.

this is a good thing. i have to wonder, though, what the city managers were drinking / smoking when they came up with, or at least gave their stamp of approval on, the uniforms that these custodians have been made to wear.

picture this:
banana-yellow short-sleeved button-up shirt

teal / aquamarine long pants with matching vest

white jungle safari explorer hat (like the kind, if you were a child of the 80s like me, that you might have seen being worn on a Panama Jack t-shirt by the man of the same name)

it really has to be seen to be believed (unfortunately for you i'm not one of those bloggers who always has camera in hand); i just feel sorry for the crew. i can understand the city wanting them to be a visible presence in downtown so the public knows they're at work, but there must be a color scheme slightly less offensive to the eye and less ego-shattering to wear.

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