Monday, June 25, 2007

at the Target checkout

so grace and i were on a low-quantity Target run for some miscellaneous grocery items and we're behind this guy in line.

probably about in his late twenties, i think he was indian; he's buying exactly two DVDs and nothing else.

engaging in a casual invasion of privacy, i glance over to see which titles he had elected to purchase.

consider this:



Action Force (starring Steven Seagal)

what an odd mix

now i can understand if this DVD run was the result of some compromise; girlfriend / wife wants Dreamgirls and in return guy gets to have an action flick, but if that's the case why isn't he buying one of the classics, like the first Die Hard? or Aliens? or Predator?

what drives someone to not only buy a Steven Seagal movie but also one of his certainly more recent direct-to-DVD releases? i mean, if he was buying Hard to Kill i might give it a pass, but Action Force? i'm starting to think a review of the man's collection at home might also include a few seasons of Walker, Texas Ranger.


Mike said...

Did you know there is a huge Direct to DVD market that rakes in billions of dollars a year? Just ask the guys at Magnolia and

The Social Bobcat said...

hmm, not sure what your point is mike.... billions of dollars of sales equals quality products?

are you a Direct to DVD market spambot that circumvented my word verification? curse you!