Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bugs the Pug

the Sobczak household welcomed in a new guest last week: a 5 1/2 year-old, personality-filled black pug named Bugs!

Bugs, along with another pug, had been living with a family with zero percent knowledge of how to properly take care of pugs, as evidenced by their history of leaving both pugs outside all day. in Texas. (fyi - because pugs have short snouts they can't cool themselves off as well as , say, a golden retriever can and are prone to dangerous overheating).

To that family's credit, they voluntarily turned Bugs and Maximus over to Pug Hearts, a pug rescue non-profit foundation recently established in Houston. Pug Hearts takes in abused or abandoned pugs and puts them into foster homes (like ours) until a suitable adopting home can be found for them.

Grace and I visited the foundation's owners' home last Sunday for one of their periodic board meetings and were able to meet up with many of the other pugs under Pug Hearts' care at the moment. It was pretty much pug crazy over there, probably about twenty or so pugs in attendance, good times were had by all.

Bugs is a quintessential pug: expressive face, loud snorting, loves being around people; after a long day at work you'd think you were the greatest thing since sliced bread from the freaked-out happy reaction he gives you when you walk through the door. He also behaves very well around our cat so he'd be a good candidate for a lot of different homes. Here's some pics of the little guy: