Wednesday, December 13, 2006

would you like to take a ride in my _onda?

so sometime yesterday, between the moment i parked my 2001 Honda Accord in the garage across the street from my place of business downtown and the moment i walked back to it in the evening to transport myself home after a long day at work, some passerby became mesmerized with the "H" Honda logo on my car's trunk and decided that he absolutely just had to have it!

As Superintendent Chalmers once lamented to Principal Seymour Skinner upon discovery of the theft of his own 1979 Honda Accord's logo:

"Holy jumping Caesar's catfish! My H has been stolen! Awww, thats how people know its a Honda. Why would you drive a Honda if you cant show it off?"

once i laughed, but now i can share his pain.

honda shop says that the metal logo runs $16.72, who knows how hot the dealership coals will get for labor costs (the metal prongs that affix the logo seem to have been left in the trunk, so there's probably some extra elbow grease cost to get those out).

there are BMWs and Mercedes parked all around me every day, wouldn't either of those car emblems look better hanging from a gold chain?

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Steven G. Harms said...

I believe i can explain this phenomenon.

You live in _ouston, a town w_ere local t_ugs can repra_zent t_ey _ood by putting an _ on t_ey c_ests, may_ap with the _elp of a gold c_ain.