Monday, November 06, 2006

no wire hangers, ever!! borrow a line from 'Mommie Dearest'.

grace and i have a healthy gift card balance with Bed Bath and Beyond thanks to generous wedding attendees (and yes, i still have one or two entries about the wedding, and the honeymoon, that i need to write but that will take more time than i usually have during work lunchtime).

some of those funds we opted to use to buy wood hangers to replace the miles and miles of cheap wire hangers that we have hanging in our closet (they that continue to multiply due to businesswear dry cleaning).

we started out actually receiving twenty of them as a direct wedding gift and, childish though this may sound, using them actually makes me feel like an adult. the concept of wire hangers in my mind is wrapped up in college dorm frugality and impermanence. solid wood hangers (now with ribbed trouser bar!) make the clothes hanging on them just kinda look better, there's a more satisfying 'clack' when you're rummaging through and you move one against the other. they make you feel like you're choosing your outfit for the day from a high-end clothing store at the mall (despite most of my clothes being decidedly not high-end).

at only $15 (or $10 for the savvy BBB coupon-clippers among you) for twenty hangers, i highly recommend buying several sets for your wardrobe. unless you get really crazy with them for some reason, they should last you a lifetime so it's a pretty cheap investment to spruce up your closet a bit. we just bought eighty more hangers this weekend and i'm waiting on the next load of washed clothes to be able to put them into service.

and yes, i am fully aware that enthusiasm for home accessories confirms without question my transformation into the Modern Wedded Male genus species.


The League said...

You inspired me to go out and buy some wooden hangars. I could not argue with your logic.

The Social Bobcat said...

yes! the consensus slowly builds; with the backing of the League i can assemble a powerful lobby to manipulate politicans into granting tax breaks and favorable business deals for wooden-hanger consumers.

Andre said...

Mike, you said "Spruce up your closet." Can I "Cedar up my closet" as well? Also my wife constantly talks about having more "Fir" in her closet...I suppose hangers are what she wants.

Thanks from Homo sapiens matrimonii everywhere.

The Social Bobcat said...

man, i completely missed my own arboreal witticism