Thursday, May 11, 2006

Of ziplines and kettle corn

Grace and i headed up to Austin last weekend to hang out with her sister and brother-in-law and go careening through the trees at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours.

now i, during my college and post-college years in Austin, never really strayed much to the southwest of the city but there's some really nice-looking hill country out there. this zipline tour happened to be nestled out there in a very scenic area filled with the titular cypress trees as well as shallow rivers and rockbeds.

the cost was a bit steep for what amounted to about a forty-five minute nature tour but the experience was fun nonetheless. i suppose the general rule is that cost increases proportionally to the height at which the nature is observed; in our case we were about forty to fifty feet above ground so we hit the middle somewhere between national wildlife park admission fees and a helicopter tour.

on the Sunday of that weekend i ran off to hang out with a good friend from college who so far has decided to stake his claim in Austin; got to watch a bit of HD playoff hockey (Anaheim vs. Colorado) on his mammoth TV so the day was a plus for that alone right there.

grace and her sister and brother-in-law , in my absence, ran off to the annual Old Pecan Street Festival which happened to be underway. the main objective for her was to secure some genuine kettle corn straight from an honest-to-god kettle; if you've never had it, it's quite good, popcorn with a little bit of sugar and probably something else unhealthy. light and sweet

after a time, my buddy rich fell asleep on his couch (the inevitable crash after his late-night adventures at a poker game the previous night) so i took my leave and set out to the heart of downtown Austin to locate grace and the gang. i've never been to the Old Pecan Street Festival before, don't know what its origins or theme really is, but as i stood on 6th street waiting to rendezvous with grace & company (man, how did anyone coordinate before the advent of cell phones?), i realized it had many of the same qualities possessed by the other Austin festivals i'd been to in the past (eeyore's birthday, 40 acres fest, etc.)

namely, you know you've arrived at an austin city festival when you're walking along and a hot summer wind brings with it, overpoweringly direct to your nostrils, the musky aroma of body sweat and patchouli.

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person said...

Pecan street festival commemorates Austin's past, when 6th street was called Pecan st. Lately, though, people are more into sweat and patchouli.